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WASD, Python adnd pyRTE performance.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:45 pm    Post subject: WASD, Python adnd pyRTE performance. Reply with quote

I just made a port to the WASD mailing list, but maybe there is someone
here also that have insight in this matter. See below for a copy of
the WASD post. It's the pyRTE tool described here :

Best regards, Jan-Erik


I just installed and tested the pyRTE in my WASD/Python
test envoronment. All went well and the test scripts and works. crasches with a "logical name
PYRTE_CACHE_ENTRY not defined" error and
crashes when it can't create the tmp-file but let's
forget about the test 3 and 4 for the moment...

First time the sripts (1 and 2) are called (from my browser)
the server stays several secs at 100% CPU before the reply
is displayed. If I simply "refresh" the screen I see two
process "HTTPd:80 and HTTPd:80-25) doing a few I/O's and
taking very little CPU. The first run (when HTTPd:80-25 was
cerated took over 5 CPU secs and then each call takes
aprox 3 CPU ms.

The test2 also have a Stat_Timer that shows :

First time :
REAL:00:00:03.20 CPU:3.17 DIO:27 BIO:1276 FAULTS:438

Second time :
REAL:00:00:00.01 CPU:0.01 DIO:0 BIO:4 FAULTS:0

This is a "AlphaStation XP900 466 MHz, EV6" system.
The target prod system is a DS20e 883 MHz EV67, so
I expect a little better performance there since
it seems to be CPU-bound...

Now the Q's... Smile

What is the server process doing the first time ?
Is there anyway to make the first call run faster ?

What is controlling how the server process is reused ?
When "knob" should I turn to make the server process
live longer ? And can that be controlled on per script
(or per URL/map) base ?

(I see that even if I switch between test1 and test2 the
same server process is reused.)

I have also made a mod of test4 which takes a param
in the form and runes against Rdb to select using the
value and simply displayes a single row. This takes
aprox 10 CPU-secs for the first call and aprox 0.01 CPU
secs for following calls. I use different data in the
form and the correct Rdb record is displayed each time,
so I know that the script actualy runs (correctly).

The performance of the second and following calls is
*very good*, but the first call is a bit of a problem.

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